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Surveillance & CCTV Solutions

Hidden Eye Technologies is the reliable Dubai CCTV system specialist that clients trust to provide reliable CCTV security solutions for 24-hrs surveillance on their chain stores, offices and homes, through the Internet if necessary.


Besides live monitoring, the video can be recorded digitally for easy storage and viewing purpose. The monitoring can be done simultaneously for multiple sites on a single computer screen.

Users can log in to the cameras via the Internet to see / hear exactly what the cameras see / hear from any part of the world. Users can also be alerted if there is unusual movement in the vicinity monitored by the cameras.

Typical Applications

Our Surveillance & Solutions are ideal for live viewing and remote playback over the Internet. With our solutions, you can

  • keep an eye on all your chain stores, retail shops 24x7; without having to visit all the stores individually
  • keep an eye on properties, workers or business operations. see live about what maid do while their employers are not in.
  • view live and playback video from any place through the Internet.
  • show off your office or products to customers over the Internet.
  • find out exactly what happened while you were away by viewing the recorded video / audio.

As the premiere Dubai CCTV specialist, Hidden Eye Techologies has a whole range of best-of-breed Surveillance & CCTV Productsto meet your needs.

Please contac us today with your CCTV requirement so that we can recommend and install one that will meet your needs.